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» » How to Add Contact widget/Page on Blogger Template

In the previous post we learned How to Remove Border from Blogger Image/Picture. After finishing the task of removing shadow and border from blogger template, today we will learn How to Add Contact widget/Page on Blogger Template. A contact widget is one of the vital widgets in blogger template. Whenever a reader wants to ask from Editorial team, then this is only possible if blog have contact widget.

Later there was no Contact widget for blogger template. Now, Blogger introduced a new widget. The Widget is for contact form that you may fix to your bog. The contact Widget available on Blogger template is very basic – because it allow only basic plain text only. In case, if a reader willing to send some image or media file then it is not possible. Though it is not for dynamic views and also no configuration options available.

However, The Contact Widget on Blogger Template consists the following basic features:

· Space for the user name

· Space for email

· Space for message (only text)

. The Submit Button

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lets start..!!

How to Add Contact widget/Page on Blogger Template

1.) First open your Blogger Dashboard
2.) Now go to layout of your Blogger template.
3.) Click on "Add a Gadget" and after that click on "More Gadgets".
4.) Select "Contact Form"


Cheers..!! You have
 finished the task to Add Contact Widget/Page on Blogger Template.

Do you have any query or thought you'd like to share? Then please do by using the comments Box below. Remember that your comment and thought are highly appreciated and welcomed. Thanks 

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