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» » Just Register and Get free Paytm Cash

Howdy folks!! In this article we bring another way to earn free Cash by just registering. The Application in which you are required to register is Matchify. Matchify is a matchmaking application to find that special being, who would be your soul mate. The special one with whom you desire to fall in love. Hope you find a true person and your relationship ends beatifically in Marriage. Through this application you’ll also get Rs.10 Paytm cash per referral.

M sure you all attract handsome amount from the trick we have discussed in our last article. If unfortunately you missed then don’t be down, read from following link:

How to register and get free Paytm cash 

Ø  First download the application, 

Ø  After installing the application, Sing up from Facebook account and authorize.
Ø  Next, you need to fill up general information about yourself and at the end click on “have a referral code?” option. (It is important to get Rs.10 paytm cash)
Ø  Now enter our team referral code i.e. 2E5SEH6 (if you wish to contribute for amazing tricks)

Ø  After that click on continue and add your display picture.
Ø  Next you need to input mobile number for verification of free Paytm cash.
Ø  Within 24 hours, you’ll get Rs.10 and to earn unlimited free Paytm cash then refer to your friends.

Point to Remember in order to get free Paytm cash

Ø  Free Paytm cash is credited within 24hrs maximum.
Ø  Verification is must for free Paytm cash.
Ø  If you don’t input referral code, then you will miss the golden chance to earn free Paytm cash. 
This is how you can earn unlimited free Paytm cash, so try it now and share your experience with us,if unfortunately you'll any issue then also feel free to share, via comments.


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