Friday, 14 August 2015

Champ cash: Earn unlimited Real money ($1 joining bonus also)

Howdy folks, this time I am back with an awesome application that gives option to earn unlimited Dollars. The application is for Android users and much better than trending application Mcent. Through Champ cash you can earn up to 7 levels i.e. you may get rewards when your referred friends do referrals. Read the whole article to know about each option and how to earn unlimited real money.

How to earn unlimited real money & join Champ cash:

To join this network you just need to download this application directly from Google Play store or from the link given below. Apparently choice is yours.

Ø After download complete, just open the application
Ø Secondly you required to input an ID i.e. 118962 (Without this you cannot proceed further)
Ø After submitting, you are required to input your personal details like name, DOB etc.
Ø Now you have to complete the challenge in order to unlock your Earning dashboard of the Application.
Ø When you complete the challenge, you’ll get your refer link.

Instructions :

Ø Click on install button and choose Google chrome to open.
Ø Use application only for 1 minute.
Ø Repeat the step until you finish your challenge.

After unlocking the dashboard, click home button and choose Invite & Earn. After that click on your refer link and select the mode of refer like Gmail, Facebook, whatsapp etc.


Ø 100% free to use without any investment.
Ø You can do recharge in any country.
Ø Earn millions by just installing some applications.
Ø Redeem your earned money via paypal, mobile recharge, bank transfer (NEFT), E- gift cards of Flipkart, Amazon etc.

I make good amount daily by this application. And according to me this application is best, among all free recharging applications, till date for smartphones. If you encounter any issue in relation to downloading etc. reach us via comments and also share this article in your friend circle. 


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