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» » 5 Exclusive Ways To Verify Your Blog To Webmaster Tools

Shalom Readers, If you want to rank your article in Search engine results then you are required to verify your blog to webmaster tools, only after that you can submit your article/post URL to Webmasters. Here In this article you will learn the ways to verify your blog to webmaster tools.Verify Your Blog To Webmaster Tools
 If you haven’t added your Blogger blog to Google Webmaster Tools, then you should add your blog to Webmaster Tool as soon as early because it is very handy tool to analyze the performance of your blog in Google Search Engine.
The Users of Wordpress platform have so many plugins to analyze their niche performance but Blogspot users don’t. 

There are 5 ways in which you could verify your blog  to Webmaster Tool of Google.

1. Through Domain Name Provider

This will require you to enter Name records of your domain name system (DNS)

2.Via uploading html file to your domain

This is only possible if you have moved your Blogger blog to self hosted domain. To upload an html file, you need to have access to the FTP of the domain and connection to hosting server.

3. Google Tag Manager

This is one of the ways to add your blog to Webmaster tool provided you are using the container snippet.

4.Meta Tag

This is the easiest way to add your Blogger blog to Google’s Webmaster Tools.

a) Log in to your Google webmaster tools account HERE using your Gmail Id.

b) Click on ADD a SITE found on top corner right

c) Type your blog address – – and click on continue

d) Now you’ll see the recommended method which you don’t have so select Alternate Methods

e) Now Select HTML Tag which will give you a code

f) Now sign into your blog and go to Template

g) Now click Edit HTML and search (CTRL+F) for/headh) Now paste the Google Webmaster Tools Meta Tag Code just above the ending head tag and save the template

i) Go back to Google Webmaster Tools and click on VERIFY.

5. Google Analytics

This is another easy way to verify your blog ownership provided you have already added your blog on Google Analytics. If you haven’t then you need to do it as soon as possible. Google Analytics is a powerful FREE tool that lets you analyze the interaction of your Blog Audiences and their engagement with your blog/site. Here’s how to add your blog to Google Analytics.

At last i hope you are done !! If you have any question, then let me know via comments.


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