Thursday, 3 July 2014

Free Internet Service by Aircel


Hello trickers, Today m going to discuss about the services provided by the most cheapest service provider..i.e Aircel(click this). As you all know that Aircel provide services at very cheap rates as compared to other service providers.

Aircel also provides best offers for the customers  in comparison to other service providers. This time Aircel provides Free Internet(click this)to the users. This offer is generally named as
"Aircel Treats"(click this).

To Activate this offer simply follow the following steps :
Step:-1) You have To Type In Message as, 2 And Send It To 51333.  
Step:-2) After Sending Message, You'll Get Confirmation Message As, "Your AIRCEL TREAT Will Be Activated Within 24 Hours And This Offer Is Applicable Once In 30 Days."

Conditions : 

  • Customer eligibility is 120 days.
  • Maximum eligibility for Aircel Treats is 2 for 30 days
  • Toll free automated response from Aircel mobile only.
  • Customers will be informed through SMS whenever they will be eligible for Treats.
Enjoy !!!!